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iBreak - under Construction

iBreak is a list of free and open source iOS apps inspired by and We want to show you high quality alternatives to the big proprietary solutions.
Please note that open source apps don't guarantee absolute freedom, e.g., an open source Twitter client still sends everything to Twitters' servers.
Also, please be aware that iOS itself is closed source.
Anyway, we believe it's the best we can come up with and that in many cases it's the better choice. If you think an app is missing please write an email, a tweet or fork the project on GitHub and make a pull request.

Please come back later, we're still building this website. Help us on github or Twitter


Proprietary Free alternative Notes
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ThatPhoto is a showcase app for your photos.

  • Price: Free
  • Devices: iPad
  • Min. iOS version: 6.0
  • Source code

We are still missing some good alternatives here. Know any? Write an email or fork the project on GitHub and add your favourite FOSS media app via pull-request.